My name is Brian and I live in Texas. Born and raised in New York. Straight, 19, single, somewhat athletic though I only play lacrosse. If you ever see me i'll probably be wearing a dress shirt, tie, and vest with some skinny jeans and vans. Hopeless Romantic. I'm a pretty easy going guy unless you piss me off. Very tolerant, Pro Choice, Pro Marriage, (I don't refer to it as "Same-sex Marriage cause that just seems dumb). I hate ignorance and women who don't love themselves. I love red hair, tattoos, and piercings so if you've got those things I probably fucking love you. I listen to all kinds of music with the exceptions being country and southern rap (just not my thing y'know) but I love weird music such as synth-pop, Indie rock, chillwave, retro-synth, and most of EDM. Starting to listen to more and more metal as well as 80s rock. I love The Protomen. I am a DJ trying to break into production but I often get writer's block and I love to dance. (Tecktonik, liquid, popping, shuffling, etc.) Currently in the middle of trying to write a concept album but as ive said my thought don't ever want to actually come together so all ive got are a series of drafts stored here on tumblr :P
So If you have a drug, fashion, sexual, art, tattoo, trippy, food, music blog you should follow me and i'll probably follow you back. Also if you read all of that and didn't get bored I love you and if you tell me then i might give you a promotion if i like your blog :D.




Richard Serra (1968-85)

1. Klein’s Wall 

2. Left Corner Horizontal

3. Do It 

4. Tilted Arc

5. Terminal 

6. Porten i Slugten 

7. Shift

8. Balanced 

9. Door

10. House of Cards